Trio of Cats

Daniel Bukin · Trio of Cats

Program Notes:

As the title suggests, this piece was inspired largely by my three cats: Binx, Lily, and Eddy. Each one has a distinct personality, and thus each movement is a reflection of each one of them.
The first movement, Aria, describes Binx, the eldest cat. He is usually very calm and relaxed, but when he sees something like cat grass or cat treats, he basically sings to get our attention. And thus, inspiration came for an aria. The chromatic figures initially played in the flute are meant to mimic his whining call.
The second movement, Intermezzo, describes Lily, one of the two younger cats. She is very demure and usually keeps to herself, but she is never still for long as she likes to explore.
The final movement, Scherzo, describes Eddy, also one of the two younger cats. He is the most energetic of the three and has a playful nature about him, which often gets him into trouble.


  • Flute (Doubles on Piccolo in 3rd mvt. only)
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet I-III (Clarinet III doubles on E-flat Clarinet in 3rd mvt. only)
  • Bassoon
  • Horn I-III
  • Trumpet I & II (in C)
  • Double Bass
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