The Bounty Hunter (version for Clarinet Ensemble)

Daniel Bukin · The Bounty Hunter – Version For Clarinet Ensemble

Program Notes

I originally composed “The Bounty Hunter” as part of a composer residency during his time at Appalachian State University. Collaborating with the ASU Saxophone Ensemble, he composed a piece intending to showcase nearly every member of the saxophone family from soprano to bass. In addition, Daniel also drew inspiration from video game music, providing the 6/8 – 2/4 rhythmic groove that the piece is based on. A few years later, I created another version of the piece tailored for clarinet ensemble.

“The Bounty Hunter” is also loosely based on Miss Fortune, a character from the video game League of Legends. She is described as beautiful and dangerous. Using her wit, grit, and two pistols, she traverses the high seas seeking out wanted men and collecting their bounties.


  • Clarinet I & II (in E-flat)
  • Clarinet I-III (in B-flat)
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Contrabass Clarinet

Score and parts available for purchase through T.U.X People’s Muic

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